Our society is in the midst of a transformation process. Technological developments are accelerating and have an increasing impact on our society. In the past, technology was a bonus, not a necessity yet. But technological developments have accelerated in our 21st century, we are inundated by a wave of new (disruptive, digital) technologies. The impact of nanotechnology, sensor technology, robot technology, mobile internet, Internet of Things, Big data and artificial intelligence, or Blockchain, for example, has an enormous impact on organisations, on customers and on markets where the interaction between producers and customers takes place.

Much of this technology is used to make markets work more efficiently and globally; providers and consumers can find each other better and can make transactions with each other faster. This requires perfecting that technology, developing new knowledge and skills, as well as social and legal embedding.

The challenge is to better align technological innovations with important social needs. We see around us that successful organisations are better able to use new technologies to improve their results.
Technology does not stand alone, it is about how organisations apply it. Technological changes often achieve the best results when social innovation takes place at the same time. Central to this is a new way of working, organising and leadership that this new technology makes possible.

We work for scale-ups, SME's, family-owned businesses, PE/VC's, large enterprises and multinational corporations.

Technology subsectors

Within the technology sector, we provide our services in the following fields:

  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Cloud
  • Digital
  • Hardware & Telecommunications
  • Semiconductors
  • Software

Functional areas

We cover the following functional areas:

Completed assignments

  • CTO (interim) - contractor
  • Service Delivery Manager - digital business company
  • IT Director - multinational in maritime sector
  • Chief Technology Officer - tank storage company
  • Director Consulting & Data - online marketing agency