With approximately 90,000 factories in the Netherlands, including suppliers, almost 20% of our economy is related to industrial activities. More than eight hundred thousand Dutch people earn their income in industry. No other industry has such a big impact.

The main industrial regions of the Netherlands are Noord-Brabant and Groot- Rijnmond, with companies often active worldwide in the development, production and export of their products.

Our industry also contributes to solving societal challenges, as laid down in, among other things, the Sustainable Development Goals. To continue to play a role in the world market, our industry will have to be innovative and highly productive and respond to the two dominant trends of the moment: digitisation and sustainability.

According to Economic Research (RABO), the majority of Dutch industrial companies are insufficiently prepared for technological developments of the 21st century. For example, there is a lack of sufficient knowledge in the field of data science and efforts can also be increased in the field of sustainability. Of course there are major differences within the manufacturing industry, but managers will mainly put effort into a digital and sustainable future for their company.

The quality of these management practices is decisive for the future-proofing of Dutch industrial companies.

We work for scale-ups, SME's, family-owned businesses, PE/VC's, large enterprises and multinational corporations.

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